Expert Community Development and Education Limited (ECDEL) supplies services to State and Territory authorities, the Australian Government, education bodies, government agencies, schools as well as the private sector.

  • Professions instruction
  • international instruction
  • Creation, publication and distribution of digital print and online resources
  • domain registration
  • project management
  • technology development.

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Assessment and Professional Learning

Expert Community Development and Education Limited (ECDEL) team of program development, printing, evaluation and learning specialists manages jobs for customers to generate print and digital resources for schools in all learning areas.

ECDEL manages, develops and delivers professional learning to support project execution. In addition, it provides tailored professional learning tasks to match individual needs. Included in these are:

  • Applications that are on-line
  • Coach-the-trainer applications
  • mentoring programs

Digital communication on international and national education and coaching problems are often supplied to supervisors and Australian schooling leaders.