Importance of Anti-Slavery, Anti-Trafficking, and Humanitarian Efforts of an Australian Community


Every parent wants to ensure that their children get the best education, are protected from possible dangers, and achieve all their desires when they grow up. With the numerous evil activities that lurk in many corners, a whole community that actively participates in anti-slavery, anti-trafficking, and other humanitarian efforts will surely protect the future of their children and can even contribute to a more peaceful, more liveable world for the new generation.

There are many ways for an Australian community to help curb the surge of slavery and human trafficking activities, and it all starts with proper knowledge.

Proper Education

All members of the community must be united in voicing out their desire to end human trafficking and slavery. The community may take steps to educate its members on critical information related to these unwanted activities. It may take steps to:

  • educate its members on the current status, statistics, and demographics on human trafficking and slavery
  • educate the members on the red flags of potential human trafficking and slavery activities
  • impart to the members the important signs of a possible victims
  • initiate proper awareness and training seminars on human trafficking and slavery
  • teach its members to influence other people from different communities to spread the action of change

Strive to Be Conscientious Consumers

It is important for the members of the community to become role models and that should start by consciously promoting for the responsibility of the consumers to avoid products of slavery. Knowing which businesses are promoting slavery and then going after them can help spread the word to other consumers.

There are many indicators for a product to be made ethically. You can check out a list of goods produced by forced labour, or look for the “fair trade” logo on chocolates or coffee that are being sold. There is also “therugmark” seal which indicates that the hand-woven rug was made ethically.

Rattle Your Government

It is the government’s prime duty to ensure that anti-trafficking and anti-slavery laws are made. Therefore, it is the Australian community’s responsibility to remind them to properly implement these laws. The community must express their concern to their local politicians or write to the national government that its members are active and willing to support in the effort to prevent these activities.

If your government is unresponsive, continue to hound them. Rattle your government to encourage them to create laws with more teeth, or laws that will impose a more severe punishment. This is a good way to encourage businesses and organisations to avoid these criminal practices and properly comply with the laws.

Extend Financial Help

There are many ways for the community to offer financial aid to victims of these crimes.

  1. The community can encourage its members to donate funds and other important items to anti-trafficking and anti-slavery
  2. A fund-raising drive can also be organised. The funds can then be turned over to the victims. This can be done in many ways, through a concert for a cause or a social issues dinner with a resource speaker on Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Slavery.
  3. The community can also host a film festival on human trafficking and slavery. The entrance fees to the films can be used for the benefit of the victims too.

Encourage Your Local Organisations to be Active

Schools, organisations, and businesses of the community must also be encouraged to actively participate.School officials can be negotiated and encouraged to include in their curriculum for students various issues related to Human Trafficking and Slavery. This is important because schools are the primary venue for human trafficking of school-aged children.

Local businesses can also be encouraged to offer internships, trainings, or job offers to victims. Other organisations can also provide livelihood activities, like jewellery making.

Medical practitioners or lawyers can also be encouraged to provide low-cost fees or free services for victims of human trafficking, especially for victims of sexual slavery.

Avoid Human Trafficking By Preventing It

As with most cases, human trafficking and slavery can be avoided through prevention. All members of the community- the children, parents, school administrators, and older members- must be trained on the proper awareness so that gang-related human trafficking and sexual slavery can be prevented. There are many things that can be done to help restore equal human rights and it won’t hurt to start within the community.