Direction Development and Training – It is All the Same is not It?

Although nobody will maintain the modern world is perfect, it is probably reasonable to say that in relation to inter-community knowledge, our 21st century country has come a ways.

Yet curiously, there’s been one undesirable byproduct of the growing transformation of our society and that is related to the siren-like interests of thoughts for example “we’re all the same underneath”.

All individuals are capable of emotions like love, fear, affection, bitterness and so forth. All of us wish to be taken seriously and need to stay in a society that is just where our rights are understood and protected.

leaderYet the risk of taking that too far is that if you are thinking about training and leadership development, you presume the same developmental strategies will likely be valid for all individuals, irrespective of their heritage traditions and community values.

Actually, that’s an extremely dangerous premise.

In case of the aboriginal peoples as well as their cultures, there’s a double issue here.

Only presuming the direction development and training strategies,which might function nicely in say a European cultural tradition, will just be transportable into an aboriginal circumstance is likely not sophisticated.

The impacts of this are understood and similar issues which have appeared in other such people around the world including those of the Native Americans are paralleled by them.

To put it differently, the inspirational and self-confidence-building techniques that may work nicely with Australians from maybe Asian or European ethnic heritage might be much less successful with aboriginal peoples.

This puts a tremendous amount of obligation in programmers and the trainers charged with raising direction and self governance within organisations aboriginal companies and perhaps even societal organizations.

There are lots of techniques.

Astonishingly, this is not just about attempting to make sure that individuals ‘understand where they came from’, as it would be place by common parlance. It is about giving them the confidence to drive forward initiatives using those motivators and understanding what’s essential to folks from this foundation as opposed to trying to convince them to embrace goals and values which could be significantly foreign to them.

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