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Future Shocks for Jobs from Robots, Automation & Artificial Intelligence

There are, quite justified, fears about the many jobs, which are rapidly disappearing due to technological innovation. Those self-help checkouts at the super market appear to be quicker than standing in line to be served by a checkout operator, but they are taking the jobs of those who previously did this work. Automation and the growing threat of robotics will soon take the jobs of taxi drivers and truckies, putting more people out of work from the transport industries. Middle management jobs are next on the list to be subsumed by technology.

Future Shocks for Jobs from Robots, Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Labour and time saving technological solutions are changing the face of the job market. What will all these people who are losing their jobs to technology do in the future? What will the current unemployment rate of 5.4% become in the not too distant future? Many economists and labour experts, already, suspect that the real unemployment rate in this country is much higher, with only 65.5% of the population participating in the labour market. Universities and Research Centres are predicting massive changes to jobs and the need for new jobs to be created.

New Jobs Will Need to be Created

What will these new jobs look like? Already, in Australia more people are looking to start a local business of their own. It may be a franchise opportunity or something of that nature. Servicing demand for particular needs within their communities will always be on the agenda. Double Bay’s Indigo Café is a prime example of this; there has been an explosion of cafes created in and around the major cities in Australia. Of course, these kinds of employment opportunities through entrepreneurship are far riskier than the jobs of old.

Can Training & Education Meet the New Challenges Ahead?

Creativity and collaboration will have to come to the fore, if people are to remain in gainful employment in the future. Will training and education be able to meet the challenges of this future world? Education in Australia has only recently woken up to the computer age and there is plenty of room for improvement in how kids are educated in this nation for a new working world. The diminishing job opportunities in the future may force us to question the whole free enterprise and capitalistic system and whether it still has a role to play in our future as human beings on this planet.

How the Internet brings communities together

When one thinks of community building, one often thinks of a farmers market, a communal barbecue or potluck, or other community events that are shared together. However, community events in the 21st century include all these things and more as much of the community building is moving online. More and more communities are using social media to help build up awareness on various community issues, plans, fundraisers, or events.

Building communities online is easier than ever before with social media as you can now reach out to and link diverse segments of your community that previously may not have been in the loop before. Places like Facebook and other social media hubs utilize the information that users put in to be able to create a digitized user profile. This profile can be used for a myriad of ways, not the least of which is digital marketing. If there are individuals in the community or people whom you know who would like to be a part of community events but you have not yet connected with them, then Facebook or other social media hubs have mechanisms of determining people who are most likely to want to become a part of your group.

You can target your advertising to people within a certain demographic, age, job profession, and even a specific location. By using this information you can reach out to specific segments of the community who would be most responsive or interested in your efforts at building community. Perhaps you’re trying to get diverse religious groups together for a panel, or perhaps you are looking for everybody who enjoys bowling to come for a bowling tournament or event – no matter what it is you are trying to build, social media has given us public access to the tools necessary for building our online communities. It’s getting easier to target specific communities with social media marketing.

Online community building is not just about attracting new members; it is also about being able to disseminate information to members or individuals you already are in contact with. Without having to fumble around through large email lists or things like that, you are simply able to put everybody together who has a previous interest in a topic, who liked your page, or who’s interested in following local community events and send them information both through updating your Facebook page and through private messenger. The additional benefit of this is that people are more likely to support community building concepts online than they do in person. On the internet somebody has the power of both anonymity and to be able to support you from his or her arm chair.

The last and most important part of building community online is since it is easier for individuals to support you in your online community building efforts you are more likely to get a larger online turn out than you are a physical one. Don’t be dismayed if your physical turnouts are nil while your online membership is high. High online membership still means that you have people who are interested in the cause or concept, and who are receiving regular updates.

Do not underestimate the power of an individual to turn out for online events, or to support you or your other community building events online whilst they may not be willing or able to in person. The fact is, 10,000 Facebook friends is still 10,000 people and with proper social media marketing you can reach many more. So don’t be dismayed at small beginnings and know that a digital audience is just as real as a physical one.

Developing Community Health Care Support

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), Australia is among the world’s healthiest countries. This is evident in the country’s dwindling death rates, rising life expectancy, and accessible health care services. Thanks to the country’s health care system, an increasing number of Australians are becoming healthier.

One of the primary reasons to this country’s feat is its primary health care sector. As per the Government of Western Australia Department of Health, the primary health care is a “person’s first point of contact for health services, which are often given outside the hospital system”. This includes services from chiropractors, dietitians and general health practitioners, among others. Moreover, these health care support services and programs are delivered through community health centres that also promote community development and wellness.

Developing Community Health Care Support

According to the Australian Government Productivity Commission, the total outlays in primary and community health was at $30.2 billion in 2013. Through community health care support and services, a comprehensive and accessible point of entry to the health care system was established.

Despite the relatively huge government funding for the development of community health care support, it seems to be not enough as health expenses continue to swell. There are proposed measures on how to improve the country’s health care system, including the primary and community health centres. One of which is the promotion of a reasonable, but competent health insurance sector.

Achieving an Efficient Community Health Care System

In an effort to create an efficient and reliable community health care system, the government established the Medicare Locals. These are primary health care organisations that work out and fund additional community health care services in the country. In addition, they are tasked to see to it that local health services suit the community’s needs. One of the pressing matters that Medicare Locals address is the improvement of the access to community health care. Moreover, they also focus on disease prevention and aim better management of chronic conditions.

The number of health workforce in rural areas is being addressed by the government. In fact, from 112 full-time equivalent (FTE) general practitioners (GPS) per 100,000 population in remote areas, the country now has 134 FTE per 100,000 population. At present, community health centres offer vaccination on children and health programs for women.

How Corporate Health and Wellness Affects Community Development

corporate health

Many companies are now investing in corporate health and wellness in order to promote better work output within their organisation. With corporate health gaining traction in the workforce industry, it is not surprising that many businesses are arriving into the scene to offer up their brand of corporate health products and services.

This rise in popularity of the corporate health industry is seen not only as a valuable tool in boosting company performance, it is also in fact a great instrument that can improve the development of a local community.

There is basically a domino effect that occurs. Healthy employees are expected to perform their work better than unhealthy ones. When worker performance is improved, a company is also expected to improve its economic standing. When there are many companies experiencing a rise in profits within the community, the overall working condition of the locality is also enhanced.

The community becomes positively affected by the favourable economic upturn all because of the introduction of corporate health and wellness.

Corporate Health Prevents Unemployment

A company that offers corporate health programs to its employees can signal to its workers that the company is truly looking after their wellbeing. When employees feel that they are well taken cared for by their company, then that can create a high sense of morale among the workers. When there is high morale, loyalty to the company is also expected to improve.

A company with loyal employees will be able to keep their valuable and tenured workers because these employees will want to stick to the company that cares for them. This in effect helps the company from avoiding human resource costs during the recruitment process in the event that employees decide to get out of the company. When there is high retention of employees within the majority of the companies in a community, then low unemployment rate can be expected within that locality.

Promote Health and Wellness in the Community

Corporate health promotes employee retention within the company because it equips the employees with strong immune defence against sicknesses and illnesses. This creates a strong defence against absenteeism from work within the community. These types of employees are therefore more motivated to work better, which will indirectly uplift the economic status of the community.

Another effect of corporate health within companies is that more employees can become health conscious. These health conscious individuals can also influence their family members to observe and practice good health and proper diet. In effect, this leads to health conscious residents of the community that all together promote health and wellness.

Improve Community Business Performance

If the community has a workforce that is prone to sickness then the companies within the location will be prone to terminate these employees and will be forced to look for new ones to employ. This is expensive stuff for the companies and will have a negative effect on the community, as well.

With the introduction of corporate health, employees will attain a strong and healthy immune system defence that can help them avoid diseases and improve their quick recovery from certain sicknesses or illnesses. When they are healthy, they are not prone to absences and are therefore expected to produce output of high quality and quantity. Additional costs from work-related injuries and accidents will also be avoided. This will boost the companies’ savings.

Additionally, a healthy workforce will also benefit the employees who will avoid the pressure for those who are present to cover for the ones who are absent.

Elevate Community Reputation

If the companies comprising a certain community employ corporate health, it can create a very positive reputation for the locality. That community can become known for housing some of the best companies to work for and this can be a great way to attract talented and high-quality workers.

If these companies become known for producing the best products and services because they employ the best workers, then that can become leverage for the companies to increase the rates in their products and services. The values of these companies in the stock market will then consequentially increase. And the community where these companies are located will be known for being a hub of the best business establishments.

Many businesses owners will flock to that location to become part of the development. The local community will then have the power to increase its real estate rates and other business-related expenses. With these rates increased, that community will enjoy high income tax revenues. The local residents can then be positively affected because there will be more funds for healthcare costs, to build establishments, improve the community’s sanitation, and many more.

Promotes Quality and Productivity within the Community

With the introduction of corporate health into the company, high quality and productivity are expected from the employees, and for which they can definitely achieve. The high standards that the company adheres to may become the benchmark to aspire for by the local community. And you can expect these types of companies to persist within their industry and rise above their competitions. Therefore, this indirectly affects how the community sets its standards too.

A trickling effect can also occur among the young residents within that community.  If the companies within the community become well-known for high quality standards with prolific output, then the young generation can seek to work for them. The community will then have a set of formidable young generation that has set its mind on settling only for the highest quality of work output.

Health is Wealth

What happens in a single person can truly affect how an organisation behaves, which in turn directly or indirectly affects the future of a certain community. Therefore, promoting good health within a company cannot be stressed enough because of its wide-ranging effects.

What the community must do is to support the endeavours of the various companies located in the locality. These companies may also extend their health and wellness programs beyond their employees by offering programs suited for the local community.

Social Procurement: An Enabler Of Good And Change

social procurement - social enterprisesThere are many ways how social procurement of enterprises can benefit communities. Other than just being enablers of their trade and the potential of taking what they do to bigger scales, this action done by companies helps communities long-term. Sometimes, it’s not all about the money and the profit – and with this practice, a lot of communities have grown and have achieved a lot just because enterprises have taken the liberty to help them out with their trade. Here’s a rundown of how the practice works and what positive effects it has on the communities that are being reached out to.

What does it mean?

Off-hand, social procurement means hiring staff from less fortunate and impoverished areas. They are usually hired as admin or manpower, and they are given employee benefits just like their regular employees. With this move, those who are employed under their wing feel a sense of empowerment – which they haven’t felt due to their current conditions. It also means procuring goods that are fair-trade, meaning they are produced under very good conditions for employees and the environment. Of course, this also means that all procurements are done under ethical circumstances and no rights were violated.

Involving more players in the grid

This practice aims to integrate small to medium sized industries to the huge economic grid. Social enterprises are usually involved in this, as they have advocacies in their respective businesses. This is in line with Corporate Social Responsibility efforts of many companies, as these efforts aim to create a positive and massive impact on society through their trade and practices. Once these small and medium enterprises are given opportunity to be part of that “grid,” then they’ll be able to consider themselves as a legitimate player – and not just a branch of companies for the sake of CSR anymore.

A welcome enabler

With that said, social procurement enables communities to grow in their own as well. The profit generated by their trade can be utilized for improvement of education, local infrastructure, and even with their trade itself. It is important for these beneficiary communities to recognize their own role as economic players, because it will empower them to become even better. This is also what the procuring enterprises are trying to do, and if they do it right, then they are doing their huge role right as do-gooders in the world. This practice done right will create waves out of ripples of social good.

Overall, the practice is very good for both ends of the spectrum. If more companies go on board with it, then the economy will be more varied and more accessible. The core of the practice is to help communities and social enterprises to grow in order to have a more positive and massive impact on the world. The main idea here is to find more ways to achieve a better tomorrow for the future, may it be through the beneficiary communities or enabling people who wish to do the same as well.

Importance of Anti-Slavery, Anti-Trafficking, and Humanitarian Efforts of an Australian Community


Every parent wants to ensure that their children get the best education, are protected from possible dangers, and achieve all their desires when they grow up. With the numerous evil activities that lurk in many corners, a whole community that actively participates in anti-slavery, anti-trafficking, and other humanitarian efforts will surely protect the future of their children and can even contribute to a more peaceful, more liveable world for the new generation.

There are many ways for an Australian community to help curb the surge of slavery and human trafficking activities, and it all starts with proper knowledge.

Proper Education

All members of the community must be united in voicing out their desire to end human trafficking and slavery. The community may take steps to educate its members on critical information related to these unwanted activities. It may take steps to:

  • educate its members on the current status, statistics, and demographics on human trafficking and slavery
  • educate the members on the red flags of potential human trafficking and slavery activities
  • impart to the members the important signs of a possible victims
  • initiate proper awareness and training seminars on human trafficking and slavery
  • teach its members to influence other people from different communities to spread the action of change

Strive to Be Conscientious Consumers

It is important for the members of the community to become role models and that should start by consciously promoting for the responsibility of the consumers to avoid products of slavery. Knowing which businesses are promoting slavery and then going after them can help spread the word to other consumers.

There are many indicators for a product to be made ethically. You can check out a list of goods produced by forced labour, or look for the “fair trade” logo on chocolates or coffee that are being sold. There is also “therugmark” seal which indicates that the hand-woven rug was made ethically.

Rattle Your Government

It is the government’s prime duty to ensure that anti-trafficking and anti-slavery laws are made. Therefore, it is the Australian community’s responsibility to remind them to properly implement these laws. The community must express their concern to their local politicians or write to the national government that its members are active and willing to support in the effort to prevent these activities.

If your government is unresponsive, continue to hound them. Rattle your government to encourage them to create laws with more teeth, or laws that will impose a more severe punishment. This is a good way to encourage businesses and organisations to avoid these criminal practices and properly comply with the laws.

Extend Financial Help

There are many ways for the community to offer financial aid to victims of these crimes.

  1. The community can encourage its members to donate funds and other important items to anti-trafficking and anti-slavery
  2. A fund-raising drive can also be organised. The funds can then be turned over to the victims. This can be done in many ways, through a concert for a cause or a social issues dinner with a resource speaker on Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Slavery.
  3. The community can also host a film festival on human trafficking and slavery. The entrance fees to the films can be used for the benefit of the victims too.

Encourage Your Local Organisations to be Active

Schools, organisations, and businesses of the community must also be encouraged to actively participate.School officials can be negotiated and encouraged to include in their curriculum for students various issues related to Human Trafficking and Slavery. This is important because schools are the primary venue for human trafficking of school-aged children.

Local businesses can also be encouraged to offer internships, trainings, or job offers to victims. Other organisations can also provide livelihood activities, like jewellery making.

Medical practitioners or lawyers can also be encouraged to provide low-cost fees or free services for victims of human trafficking, especially for victims of sexual slavery.

Avoid Human Trafficking By Preventing It

As with most cases, human trafficking and slavery can be avoided through prevention. All members of the community- the children, parents, school administrators, and older members- must be trained on the proper awareness so that gang-related human trafficking and sexual slavery can be prevented. There are many things that can be done to help restore equal human rights and it won’t hurt to start within the community.

Understanding How Law Firm Works

law firmHave you ever heard or encountered the word law firm? Of course you might be curious how this works for the welfare of the citizens, aside from being just a business entity. Given to be related with the law activities, this kind of firm consists of a single or even more other lawyers that are being paid to assist people with law services. They are the people who are the refuge of their clients when they go any issues that are related with legal rights and matters, also will have all the rights to represent their clients either with business transactions, and criminal cases at court. To be able to understand more, here are the further details and information.

These firms stand with their sole purpose in giving the citizens the knowledge and protection what it is to benefit from law, development and education. There must be at least one law firm in every region such as the North Sydney Law Firm and any other to be near to people who needs their services. The Sydney legal and civil rights are being practiced in such a very serious way.

When it comes to organizing, these law firms are dependent with the kind of jurisdiction that they are practicing, the common and given arrangements for them to serve are:

  • The LLP or the Limited Liability kind of Partnership- this is an arrangement that both sides; owners and attorneys are working for each other side by side. Yet neither a partner is being made liable to any of the law firm’s creditor and never will one of them be considered as reliable to any one’s negligence. The said partnership is taxable and that is understood that both sides have the protection for liability.
  • Companies with limited liability- they consider the lawyers to also be their members yet that does not mean that these attorneys are liable directly with the law firm’s third party creditors.
  • With the General Partnership- this is the firm that has a total shares both from the owners themselves and with the attorneys that are working for them and tendencies that these attorneys also are the owners of the said firm.
  • Association of Professionals- this has a similar operation with the corporations that are consisted by the professional members as well as with the limited liability co.

There are also the so called multinational types of law firms that are being made possible by the partnerships rendered by many of the firms that have established partnerships to one another. This is because laws firms are usually exist with partnerships. Yet the only limitation is that, each of the multiple firms that wish to merge with one another must have at least the same practice with the affiliated companies to be able to relate the services and the expertise they have for their clients.
Knowing more with law firms may require you deeper researching and information gathering to fully understand how every step is made.

The Benefits Of Personal Development

Personal development varies from official education because the latter instructs brand-new ideas, however, it is just through the internal individual procedures of personal development that people discover how to use that understanding and grow. The factor is that personal development makes up actions that enhance awareness and identity, establishes the person’s possible and for that reason boost the quality of life beyond exactly what regular education can do. It takes the goals and vision of an individual and turns it into fact much more of exactly what can be set on simply education. Provided this, it is clear that the advantages of personal development are far reaching. Right here are a few of those advantages:

persnal development

Personal development empowers him an individual. It stops individuals from being victims by letting others take control of their lives and their fate. It moves them far from a life of submission and subsistence, living according to another person’s schedule, desires and under another person’s power in a life of individual accomplishment and individual control. It’s not just enhances self-understanding, however likewise enhances social capabilities, health and way of lives.

Personal development does not ave to be difficult and pricey like official education. It can be obtained by self-research, function play, coaching and mentoring, useful participation and larger reading. All are mainly totally free, simple and can be done during the time restricts to each people liking. Personal development can’t be determined without objective setting and versus the achievement of objectives, it is varied as the person’s objectives and vision.

The personal development sets people totally free. It ties into being empowering. It let individuals devoid of a life of just restricted possibilities, develops opportunities and can create earnings from gotten knowing and development that would have been difficult in the past.

Personal development is never ending, it is ongoing. Learning courses has to end at some point in time, when the individual has learned everything they can learn about the subject, but personal development, being an internal process inside an individual, means that growth of that individual is infinite – it never has to end. It relates to improving oneself infinitely, only to be ended when the individual chooses to end the process consciously.

However, it is also true that personal development as an unconscious process continues, even if individuals are not aware or focused on a development itself. It is likewise real that personal development as a subconscious procedure continues, even if people are not mindful or concentrated a development itself.

Personal development is the person’s obligation. It is not up to how great or bad the system of governments and official education organizations are, however rather it depends on the drive of the individual to establish and drive the internal, personal development.
When individuals take duty for their development, official education and government support group can boost that development; however, it needs to begin with an individual themselves to prompt a plan of individual development.

The advantages of personal development far surpass the advantages of education alone. When people take duty for their personal development, it will certainly render individual liberty, empowerment, it is rather simple and economical and easily accessible to more individuals than official education alone. As people personally establish, it led to enhanced human capital and enhanced performance of groups of individuals and
even countries.

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