Community and Education FAQ’s

What is Community Education?

Expert Community Development and Education Limited supports community Education, in cooperation with all the School Board of Melbourne County. We sponsor a wide range of leisure and recreation courses from golf to acrylic painting. Our unique systems comprise Counsel in Training School for children, and Super Science Camp. These programs offer specific courses for young adults and kids during the summertime.

How is Community Education differ with Progressive Education?

They differ because Community Education offers lifelong learning, recreational and leisure classes. While Progressive Education offers professional development and licensure courses.

When can I sign up?

Registration dates change according to the period, yet admission, usually, starts 2-3 weeks before the period and continues to the 1st day of course. Some courses require registration for training functions. Examine the booklet for the enrollment dates.

New Student?

The “formerly documented” button in the classes page may exclusively be utilized after you have entered your info the very first time. You may be requested to generate a fresh student ID number, eight characters, in just about any mix of letters and numbers. Please record this pupil ID number for future use in addition to the pin number you’ll create. You may only file one individual per ID number – each pupil has to have a singular enrollment.

How can I pay online?

When you enroll on the internet for courses, you need to pay using a web-based check, Visa, American Express, or a MasterCard. It’s not possible to file and pay through money order, personal check or cash. Your enrollment is not going to finish in the event you don’t pay online. In the circumstance you do not need to enter your card info online, you can enroll by means of calling us and giving your MasterCard, Visa or American Expres information.